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Full Version: Blackberry?
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I saw that there was some interest in releasing this for the Blackberry. Any word on when that might happen? I would be happy to assist with testing if needed.

Dear Matt,

Thanks for your interest in Top Sailor. We will be busy preparing the 3D OpenGLES version for android and iphone devices for the next months. Once they are released, we will see which version is easier to port to blackberry (2D java or 3D c++)... If Blackberry is java-only, then I'm not sure whether the 2D version would be attractive enough for BB users.
Thanks, I will look forward to it.
I am not sure the release is going to be pretty soon. I have heard that the sailing simulator is going to be released for the iPhone version as well. Anyway, I am glad that they are currently working for the 3D OpenGLES version for the android as well as iPhone devices.
Feeling glad to inform u that Blackberry M3G is designed to be implemented with 3D Open GLES version and code of 150 kb.
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