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New Zealand weather - RagDaz - 10-24-2007 10:52 AM

For New Zealand Yahoo Weather does not give an icon for the current weather - sun/cloud etc, consequently on PrettyMap it shows as a ? - if not already available any chance to enable this to be turned off

RE: New Zealand Weather - Mooncoder - 10-24-2007 08:28 PM


I have just downloaded successfully all 50 weather reports from the "CurrentWeather50" map, and it looks like this:

[Image: PM_CurrentWeather50.png]

Sometimes, Yahoo has temporal problems with providing weather for some locations. These problems are usually fixed within a few days.

Related: If you are a registered used of PrettyMap Full, you can get weather for any location Yahoo supports:

Let us know if the NZ weather works for you, and if not, what is its location ID (the string starting with $NZXX....)

RE: New Zealand weather - RagDaz - 10-25-2007 05:25 AM

The problem appears to be the Yahoo site if you go to this link

you will see that instead of a sunshine icon you get N/A. I have checked other cities in other countries and they do not have this problem. It has been like this for the past couple of days so I am not sure if it is a permanent issue

RE: New Zealand weather - Mooncoder - 10-25-2007 06:32 AM

Indeed! The weather icon says N/A and this is what Yahoo data feed says, too. I think they are going to fix it sooner or later.

I experienced even more serious problems with Yahoo, e.g. I was unable to download weather for some location for a week, but finally it all came back to normal.