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Full Version: Export data to a custom format file
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I'm a newbe with PrettyMap.
Is it possible to export coord to handbase palm?

Example: I load a plan of my working zone, I click on a point, and the coord (local or global) are exported to a database readable with handbase.

Sorry for my ignorance and my poor english.


You could export user point maps (coordinates and values) to a text file (xml-based or csv-like). I believe this would be supported by other programs.
I am really grateful that you have helped us. Ii had been really wondering how I could possibly export data to a custom format file. It seemed as if there were not many instructions available for exporting coord into handbase palm. Anyway, I never knew it was very simple and all one had to do was exporting user point maps to a text file. However, a link to a good tutorial would have been better! IMAO!
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