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editable vs. not editable vector maps
08-02-2008, 08:52 AM
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RE: editable vs. not editable vector maps
loublain Wrote:Ok It still would be nice to have a high level entry to map/edit!

Editing is one click away (the "layers" toolbar icon), and in 5.3 you will be able to open the layers window without having to open any vector maps.

loublain Wrote:also under user/location/edit if you look at value or importance there is a button called "look up" which return Map Not Open - Open "null" to associate records. obscure yes? Is this implemented yet

Indeed, this is in a beta version and this bug has been already fixed.

loublain Wrote:lastly can additional attributes be defined directly in PrettyMap or do I have to convert a .SHP file

You cant theoretically "build" a custom database in PrettyMap... but this feature is not anywhere in the GUI. So, as of now, you have to send us a list of attribute names and types (String/Float/Integer) and we will prepare an editable pmap for you.
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