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Problem with raster converter
11-29-2007, 09:08 AM
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RE: Problem with raster converter
AntonM Wrote:It's been pointed out to me that the curvature of the earth is what's causing this, as at these latitudes, lines of longitude are getting a lot closer together. That sounds sensible, but then any flat representation of that piece of earth should be portrayed as it actually is (in this case, a square).

Welcome to the world of map projections Smile

You are right about the distortions of longitude/latitude.
Regarding "flat representation" that should be a square... depends on what you mean by flat.

Anyway: what you see in PrettyMap "standard view" (flat or 3D) uses equirectangular projection. Read more here:

So yes, your square area may look rectangular (stretched), but as long as you confirm that coordinates of your map corners are accurate, it is fine (i.e. the GPS mark will be properly placed on the map).

If you want a more realistic (and computationally intensive) view, use the spherical projection mode in PrettyMap.

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