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Problem with raster converter
11-29-2007, 09:52 AM
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RE: Problem with raster converter
Okay -- I can understand how that all works, and I'll read the references you gave. And I'll try the spherical projection as well.

Out of curiosity -- why does the converter give a warning about the aspect ratios of image versus co-ordinates, when the only place they will really be "right" is peri-equatorial?

Just as background, for what it's worth: I purchased PrettyMap for this feature alone, i.e., that I can use any raster map as a GPS map on my Palm TX. I have TomTom which is fine for driving, but what I also need is something to guide us on our walks on footpaths, where TomTom is of no use, because our precise location is not always clear from a visual study of the footpath map, and a map is no use if you don't know where you are on it. PrettyMap seemed exactly right -- but it's going to be less easy to use of it gives a distorted view of the map. I'm really hoping that the spherical projection option will solve that! I'll try it this weekend.

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