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Windows Mobile: PrettyMap and PrettyEarth 6.0 available
12-11-2011, 01:16 AM
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Windows Mobile: PrettyMap and PrettyEarth 6.0 available
PrettyMap and PrettyEarth 6.0 for Windows Mobile have been released. This version contains a number of new features and improvements.

Downloads are available at

The list of changes includes:
  • new option to adjust behavior on startup: don't open maps / restore recent session / open political map / elevation map
  • non-ascii (language-specific) characters (like é, Ä, æ, ç, Ï, ß, etc.) are now supported in user maps
  • user maps can be created and edited for other planets
  • while selecting area in the "zoom area" mode, the red rectangle shows the actual area after zooming
  • all settings windows redesigned and more responsive
  • improved GPS support for older devices (Windows Mobile 4.x) and for some non-standard devices
  • "Open Maps" window more responsive (opens and scrolls quickly)
  • completely redesigned and reimplemented rendering: faster map drawing and panning
  • faster zoom area/measure tools
  • improved support for devices with screen resolution above 640px
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